Shipping & returns

All transactions between clients and are concluded in accordance with the rules No. 207 "Rules for distance contracts". In case of disputes, UAB Intovilla follows the decisions made by the Consumer Rights Protection Center.

Order confirmation

After registering your order in our system, you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address you specified. Please confirm the order immediately and, if an error occurs, call the customer service phone or write to the e-mail address.

The last opportunity to change your order is by completing the order. If the product you have ordered is not available at the time of ordering, we will contact you and agree on the most suitable solution for you.

Delivery time

Upon receipt of payment, the goods will be ready for shipment within 0-5 working days (unless another delivery time is indicated next to the respective goods), in which case we will be able to ship the goods within the period specified for the goods from the date of receipt of payment.

You will be provided with information about the order of receipt of the goods or the parcel number, if the goods are delivered with the help of a courier service, this will give you the opportunity to find out the exact delivery time. The courier will deliver your order as specified.


To deliver goods, uses mediation (DHL, TNT, DPD, FedEx, Omniva, Venipak, Itella, GLS, LPExpress) delivery takes place according to the conditions and delivery time of the selected delivery company. A representative of the delivery company will contact you and arrange a delivery time. You or your representative must be at the delivery address at the time of delivery. Orders are delivered to the address specified by the customers, on working days from 8.00 to 22.00.

The order is transferred to:

for natural persons - the order is transferred only to the person specified in the accompanying documents or to another person who submitted the original document confirming the identity of the recipient or a notarized power of attorney by which the recipient authorizes this person to receive the order;
for legal entities - the order is handed over to the person specified in the accompanying documents or to another representative of the company at the specified delivery address (secretary, administrator, etc.). The person who received the shipment acknowledges receipt on the MDU (Mobile Device Unit) touch screen provided by the courier.
If the weight of the order exceeds 31.5 kg, the unloading of the goods is ensured by the consignee in the presence of a courier.

Upon receipt of the shipment, the consignee is not entitled to unduly delay the courier. Otherwise, an additional downtime fee will be charged - if the courier unreasonably delays for more than 10 minutes - EUR 2.50 for every 10 minutes from the first minute of the delay.

At the time of delivery, the consignee, in the presence of the courier, evaluates the outer packaging of the consignment. If the packaging is damaged or the goods are missing, the consignee informs the courier about it and the courier draws up a violation report using the MDU (Mobile Device Unit), as well as photographs the consignment. At the customer's request, the deed can be additionally prepared in paper form.

The courier is not obliged to check that the contents of the consignment correspond to the data specified in the consignment note or other accompanying documents. The courier does not have to wait for the recipient to do so.

The shipment is considered delivered when the recipient signs the courier's MDU (Mobile Device Unit) on the touch screen. In the event that the consignee refuses to indicate his name and refuses to sign that he has received the consignment, the consignment shall not be delivered.

If the consignee refuses to accept the consignment or it is not possible to deliver the consignment for other reasons, the courier shall make a note of the reason for the refusal.

Undelivered shipments are returned to the seller's warehouse and the buyer is informed.


All prices on include VAT.

Product prices are subject to change without notice.

In this case, the prices of goods already ordered remain unchanged.

Right of return and guarantee

You can exercise your right of return within 14 days of receiving the goods.

If you exercise the right of return and the return is not related to the compliance of the specific product or service with the terms of the contract, you must cover the cost of returning the goods.

The right of return does not apply in the following cases:

if you purchase custom-made paints;
if the product packaging is opened or damaged. It is advisable to handle the goods with care.
Contact us if you intend to return the goods.

Data protection

When ordering goods from, your data is stored for concluding and executing the respective agreement. We do not transfer your data to third parties without your consent. Under the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to access the data that is stored and, if necessary, you can change it.