7032 Scenix SSR Clear Satin 960 ml

Createx Colors Scenix SSR Clear Coat - Water-Based Volume: 32 fl oz Finish: Satin Createx Most Durable Brand of Clears - Lightfast, Durable, Exterior-Grade, Water-Based Includes: 32 fl oz Scenix SSR Satin Clear Coat (7032) Scenix SSR Clear is chemically resistant to acid rain, solvents & sunscreen (does not blacken or emulsify after repeated exposure to sunscreen) and cures to a durable, hard clear in under an hour when mixed with Createx 4015 Cross-Linker. Createx 4015 Cross-Linker is an essential additive for use with Scenix colors & clears for maximum adhesion and durability. Mix 2oz. 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-gallon of Scenix (0.5oz 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-quart). Colors and clear have a 4 hour pot-life after mixed with 4015 Cross-Linker. Spray-Gun, 1.4mm Mini-Gun, 1.0 – 1.2mm Not recommended for airbrush Brush: hair or foam
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