IWATA IS-925 Power Jet Light

The Power Jet Lite compressor delivers twice the Sprint Power in a compact and portable design. Built with Iwta’s Smart Jet Technology, it automatically shuts off the compressor when not in use. Economically priced, the Power Jet Lite doesn’t have a tank reservoir, yet delivers all the power necessary for use with the high paint-flow Iwata Eclipse airbrushes.
Manufacturer: Iwata
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SKU: 200604
Delivery date: 3-14 days

– Zero maintenance, oil-less DUAL piston air compressor
– Pressure regulator, water separator & air pressure gauge on unit
– Pressure regulator for precise air-pressure adjustment
– Strong protective outer case
– High-strength polyurethane hose fits Iwata airbrushes
– On/off switch
– Built-in airbrush holder

Technical Specifications:
– Motor: 125 W
– Max. Pressure: 4.2 bar / 60 PSI
– Suction capacity: 34 l/min
– Noise level: 55 dBA
– Weight: 7.9 kg
– Dimensions: 26.5 x 31 x 15.5 cm
– 4 m Air hose