Artool Frisket Film gloss 38.0 cm x 25.4 cm (10 Sheets)

Artool® FrisketFilm is a low tack, soft-peel, self-adhesive masking film which can be effectively used with most mediums. Available in matte and gloss finish, it has a translucent backing sheet for easy handling, cuts cleanly and can be removed easily from nearly every working surface such as photographs, illustration board, Claybord, watercolor and drawing paper, canvas, glass, plastic, metal and glazed ceramic surfaces. Artool® FrisketFilm can be used in a variety of masking applications – from creating your own stencils to protecting your work from excessive handling.n. – available in matte and gloss finishes – low-tack self-adhesive film – won’t wrinkle, bleed or flutter under airbrush spray – can be removed and/or repositioned easily
Manufacturer: ARTOOL
SKU: 262384
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